view video #1 and video #2 then apply your newly acquired skills to the following scenarios.
Scenario: You are a supervisor at your current place of employment OR a place of employment that you would like to work for in the future. You have noticed that one of your subordinates is in violation of the dress code that is in place for the company/agency/organization. This particular employee has worn attire that is far too casual for the workplace.
Write an email to this employee (make up name and title) to notify him/her that compliance with the dress code is mandatory.
Since you want to ensure the employee understands what is expected,include a dress code policy within the email (base requirement on industry consistent with your major) AND indicate consequences for violating the policy.
All memos and emails should use proper headings:
TO: From: Date: Subject. Emails should not be emailed but submitted as a WORD documents using the emails headings.
All 3 documents, (Emails, memos, and letters), should follow the 3 paragraph format:
Paragraph 1 is a short paragraph that provides the purpose of the document.
Paragraph 2 provides the details and if there are many, break the information into 2 paragraphs.
Paragraph 3 provides any contact and/or response information. If you use this type of format, you will also be able to organize your information for the document.

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