MBA404 Consumer Behaviour
& Marketing Psychology Toll 3 Webinar

Toll 3 Overview
LO3: Criticise, and synthesise differing admissiones to the interpretation of consumers’ behaviour towards issues and marketing despatchs.
LO4: Demonstrate an brains of and be conducive to expound the strategic marketing issues of to consumer behaviour.
LO5: Discovery and declaration on contemporary consumer behaviour such as attitudes,
collocation influences, refinement, political collocate, consumer learning arrangementes, organisational and special buying firmness making.
What is imputable in Week 11?
Saturday 3 October 2020 09:00 AM (AEST)

The Work
To rointerpretation preparing this decisive constituent of toll, you are principal required to induce enlightened online discovery to invent examples of the slow integrated marketing hostilities of your separated issue/service. You may longing to interpretation knowledge that you feel gathered in the relieve plod of the consumer firmness-making arrangement that you feel skilful precedent in your video acquiescence.
By the object of week 11, you are required to propose a two-page muniment that contains screenshots of the integrated marketing hostilities to your achievementshop facilitator via MyKBS, beneath ‘assessments tab’ ‘Integrated Marketing Hostilities Validation’ icon.
This validation plod is estimate 5% of your trice coercion this toll, and you obtain referable be conducive to propose the recommendations declaration until your achievementshop facilitator has validated your discovery, so be prudent and don’t be slow.
What is Integrated Marketing Hostilities?
• is an admission to creating a unified and seamless knowledge coercion consumers to interact with the brand/enterprise;
• it attempts to meld integral aspects of marketing despatch such as advertising, sales encouragement, exoteric kinsmen, frequented marketing, and political instrument, through their appertaining amalgamate of temporization, methods, channels, instrument, and activities, so that integral achievement simultaneously as a unified coercionce.
It is a arrangement intentional to detail that integral messaging and despatchs strategies are agreeing opposite integral channels and are cantered on the customer.
But what about 4Ps?
Integrated Marketing Hostilities Example: LEGO Harry Potter Example

Any Questions?
What is imputable in Week 13?
Monday 12 October 2020 at 23:55 (AEST)
The Work
Your decisive work is to fabricate that you feel regular been industrious by the audience of your separated issue or conservation that you analysed in your precedent tolls and that the marketing function of this audience has asked you to ad a 1500 – expression declaration in which you must:
1. Write a compendious individual-page supporter epitome that covers integral of the speaking inventings of your declaration (referable moderate in the expression name of this acquiescence).
2. Critically perpobject the audience’s floating integrated marketing hostilities by regarding how it targets consumers’ attitudes, refinement, nativity and lifestyle influences, collocation and specific differences, political collocate, consumer learning arrangementes, and special buying firmness-making arrangementes. Please referablee that referable integral of these topics may adduce to your separated issue or conservation (500 expressions).
Defining Key Works
To perpend
• Perpobject – supervise (someindividual or triton) combined in arrange to detail their essence or mode.
• Critically perpobject – produce your sentence of the degree to which a announcement or inventings amid a constituent of discovery are penny.
The Work Cont.
3. Critically analyse whether or referable the integrated marketing hostilities demonstrates a tenacious alignment to your inventings in toll 1 and 2 (500 expressions).
4. Provide at last three strategic recommendations that either harangue previously attested misalignment OR incomplete ways in which attested alignment can be strengthened. Please fconservation slow peer-reviewed learning to regularify your incomplete recommendations (500 expressions). Your recommendations should referable enclose manufacturing or operational improvements.
5. Relation Catalogue (mandatory and it is referable moderate in the expression number).
Defining Key Works Cont.
Critical Decomposition
• is intellectual fitness becainterpretation it expresses the writer’s judgment or evaluation of a quotation.

Defining Key Works Cont.
Strategic Recommendations
• Strategic – of to the identification of long-term or overintegral objectowment and interests and the instrument of achieving them.
• Recommendation – a instigation or overture as to the best progress of force, distinctly individual set-down coercionward by an sure organization.
The Work Cont.
In specification to your video and overlook results, you are required to interpretation at last 8 sources of knowledge and interpretation Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style.
Wikipedia and other ‘popular’ sites are referable to be interpretationd.
These may enclose council exoterications, activity declarations, and chronicle subscription.
These relations should be presented as in-quotation citations and a relation catalogue at the object of your written decomposition (referable moderate in the expression number).
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