Anatomy of an Age Cognate Subject

In a Microsoft Word instrument of 5-6 pages coercionmatted in APA mode direct in-depth anatomy of a appertaining subject cognate to aging. Include the subjoined in your anatomy:

  • Define the example.
  • Identify the unfair population fictitious.
  • Describe cultural implications.
  • Describe financial/legal/ethical implications coercion the population cognate to the example.
  • Describe 2-3 interventions that can be used to mend the example.
  • Describe media beneficial to mend the example.
  • Describe costs associated with the interventions verified.
  • Discussed sustainability of the interventions.

Support your responses with examples.

On a unconnected allusions page, adduce integral sources using APA coercionmat. Helpful APA guides and media are beneficial in the South University Online Library. Below are guides that are located in the library and can be accessed and downloaded via the South University Online Citation Media: APA Mode page. The American Psychological Association website too provides specific control on coercionmatting, citations, and allusions at APA Mode.

• APA Citation Helper
• APA Citations Quick Sheet
• APA-Mode Coercionmatting Guidelines coercion a Written Essay
• Basic Essay Template

Please voice that the style and allusion pages should not attributable attributable attributable be comprised in the completion page number of your tract.

Submission Details

  • Name your instrument SU_NSG4067_W4_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
  • Submit your instrument to the Submissions Area by the due end assigned.


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