week 5 Class disscution

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To determine if an argument is valid, we must analyze the relationship of the supporting evidence to the argument. Does the evidence clearly support the argument? Consider any evidence which supports the case below.1.  Review the commentary below about illegal drug use: A case has been made that drug use in itself is not a problem – the real problem is an economic and social one and drug abuse is only a symptom of underlying conditions such as unemployment, racial inequality, and the erosion of family values.  This argument states that drug abuse will diminish when these problems are resolved.  Is this a valid argument?2.  Support a specific point of view in your main post in the class discussion section of your online course. Make an argument stating whether you agree or disagree. Is this argument based on your ethical decisions or moral decisions?   Instructions: The minimum expectation for class discussions is to respond directly to each part of the discussion prompt and to respond to at least two other posts, either by a student or instructor, by the end of the week: 1. Submit one main post responding directly to each part of the discussion prompt. This should be a substantive response to the topic(s) in your own words, referencing what you have discovered in your required reading and other learning activities. You may use resources in addition to your textbook that support your post(s); however, you must mention the source(s) that you used in your post(s). 2. Reply to at least two posts. Responses can be made to students or to your instructor. 3. Responses to other individuals’ posts should: Expand on their ideas Discuss the differences between your thoughts and theirs Explain why you agree or disagree To post your main response to this topic, click the blue Respond button below. To respond to a classmate or your instructor, click the blue Respond button below his/her post.