Delight completeude to Article 28 and then estimateerpart complete of the questions that ensue the contingency study:

J. S. is 23 years obsolete. He was brought to the casualty line succeeding an auto garb. He suffered a impact and a subterranean breach of his lawful thigh. He obsolete encircling 4 units of order previous to conducive moderate of bleeding and blocking up of the harm. Fluid action is inaugurated, and a urinary catheter is inserted prop action to adviser his urine output. However, he continues to bear momentous oozing from his sutured harm.

His 24-hour urine magnitude is 350 ml with a proud urine osmolality and reduced urine sodium. A coagulation protect results declare the ensueing: platelet estimate 250,000, bleeding period and a PTT period are twain plentiful. 

  1. What fashion of renal demand is J. S. expanding? Why is this fashion of renal demand expanding?
  2. If J. S. does referable entertain ample texture, what exalt predicament may he expand? Why? What is the best texture discretion to nullify this from occurring?
  3. What other laboratory postulates together urine output should be self-possessed to evaluate J. S.’s renal exercise?
  4. If J. S.’s renal exercise continues to be mixed externally any advancement, what could be the after stages of his renal assumption?

Cite favoring areas from your readings and learning to prop your ideas. 
I accomplish afford the pages of the article 28 restraint this ordinance.
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Reference:  Banasik J. L. & Copstead, L. C. (2019).Pathophysiology (6th ed.). Elsevier, Inc.

also reason without sources as well-behaved-behaved delight complete in 7th edition restraintmat 

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