Week 8 Argueion – From Tune-up to Extreme Makeover
Access and peruse the time adown. 

Ground Systems Shake Up Organizational Model

As we qualify to bar this line, “Ground Systems Shake Up Organizational Model” (Education Week, May 2016) puts divers things coincidently coercion us, including changes hereafter to ground finance. (Please silence that some of the pages referenced in the time are not attributable attributable attributable available to us extraneously paying coercion them. However, I purpose you can descry plenty to argue changes hereafter in how we are doing office).

What do you descry in this time that resonates with you which you purpose encircling your ground limit?
Have you already heard confabulation of some of the “makeover” changes that are argueed in this time?
Which of these ideas are good-natured, and on which ones would you chance “delete” going coercionward?

Your primal responses are due by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday and should be betwixt 200-250 control. The primal posting should be a proposition of your summit of examination on the doubt, befriended by the required peruseings. 

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