week four Team work critical

Question description

This week’s portion of the team assignment builds upon the work that your team completed in Week 3. In Weeks 4 and 5, you will collaborate with your teammates to compose a document that summarizes the contrasting analyses and features a well-supported argument based on your team’s beliefs.1. Select a Team Leader for this week.2.  The Team Leader will assign the researchers and proofreaders and compile your team’s ideas into one document that addresses the questions discussed in Week Three.  3.  The document must summarize the contrasting analyses and feature a well-supported argument based on your team’s beliefs.Researchers will confirm that all information is accurate and properly cited.The proofreader will confirm that the presentation flows well.By the end of this week, your Team Leader must post a draft of your team’s document to the discussion board.To clarify, this week’s team submission is just a draft.  The final document will be submitted in Week 5. Teamwork is designed for student interaction and collaboration with one another.  Below are the student expectations for Teamwork.