Well done is better than well said Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, panel of judges co-debaters’ and my fellow audience a salaam alaykun. It gives me a great pleasure to speak for the motion quoted well done is better than well said. Well done is better than well said; says who, this is a famous quote of the popular old printer Benjamin Franklin. I strongly belief in the saying action speaks louder than voice I don’t believe in words I believe in action, do you believe in words?!!!
We have been living in a world of unfulfilled promises, a world where liberty only lies in words, have we not heard enough of the sweet coated words of our governments and president, how long are we going to remain in this? , there are billions of promises yet to be fulfilled by our leaders, if we had known that their words were nothing we would not have voted for them!!! How much do you all trust your political leaders, whose sugar coated has no meaning save empty and pseudo promises.
The government promises peace but yet killing of men is like that of killing chickens, the death rate has is on the rise and the burial ground keeps receiving visitors, well its so sad to know that words are easily said, forgotten and betrayed but actions are not. What would you say about the rising rate of unemployment, can you count the times government have promised employment opportunities, well don’t be surprised because words however sweet and pleasant will remain word if not accompanied with action.

We need action to change the bearing of this country, we are potentially endowed yet the words of our leaders play little to bring us to the share of progress. Honorable judges, People easily speak about what they can’t do, why cant men let their action speak for them, wise men don’t speak their action speaks for them, because action removes the doubt that theory cannot solve.
Coming down the stairs to our social lives; deceit, betrayal and lies has become a day to day activity, the three words “I LOVE YOU “has ended up many homes hopeless , unhappy and has even lead to so many torn homes , he claims to love her but never show care, he claims to love her but have no time for her, he deceived her with the words “I LOVE YOU “ only to make her suffer and unhappy, he betrayed her trust in his words, he made her wish she knew the devil inside him but no, she only saw his sweet coated words initially, now she knows that its not what we say that shows who we really are, but rather what we do.
Daddy tells me a thousands time I love you but has always been busy in is office and has no time to spend with me, no time to share problems together, no time to tell me stories and teach me about moral values. Would you prefer a thousand words to a good deed? I would rather stick to a good deed rather than a thousand words. Let me remind you of the fact that winners have program but losers have excuse, why should one preach what one can not do, doing something well is more powerful and effective than saying it well, all talk no action makes someone a boastful idiot that tries to build the skyscraper with his or her mouth.

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