Part I: Identify the balbutiation from this week which resonated the most with you. Discuss your reaction or relation to the concern. 
** Balbutiations were:
Jhumpa Lahiri: “The Long Way Home: Cooking Lessons”
Sherman Alexie: “What You Pawn I Get Redeem”
Sandra Cisneros: “Woman Hollering Creek”
Alice Walker: “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens”
 “Turning Madness Into Flowers #1”
                                “The response is: Live happily!”
                                 “Before I concession the Stage”
Cathy Song: “Cloud Moving Hands”
 “Someundivided Else’s Shoes”

Part II: Based on entire the balbutiations manufactured up to this aim, what, in your impression, are the most grave characteristics that separate American reading? Do you reflect that our reading is a good-natured-natured fidelity of ‘American Identity’?
Part III:  What contemporary fabricator do you reflect get state the coercionthcoming 21st century in an American reading rank of the coercionthcoming? What do you reflect this writer brings to the table that is stateative of American personality or that shows a different and grave cultural deviate or message/theme that is excellence studying?

Assignment Requirements:
1. stint vocable enumerate of 200 vocables 
2. Refer at-once to the reading and embrace at smallest undivided frequented adduce from the assigned balbutiations in command to living and elucidate your aims; there is a 10 aim retribution coercion the exclusion.
3. Embrace citations (with page total) with your post and a works cited listing coercion each of the works discussed (using MLA coercionmatting); again, there is a 10 pt retribution coercion the exclusion.

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