What is art anyway? So I’m asking a lot of people: that’s you. This question is what our first homework Assignment is about. Your assignment is to do just what Georgia suggests: ask yourself about the definition of Art. Have you ever given it a thought!!? Ask family members, friends, artists you know: see what they know. Ask a lot of questions. SEE MY PROMPTS BELOW. Make notes. Lots of them. Maybe you have a Facebook or Twitter conversation about this with friends.  

WHAT TO POST:  Look over your notes and edit. Summarize. Draw out the salient ideas and enter your response in the Discussion. This needs to be in the form of a written discussion (by you), NOT SIMPLY A LIST of your responses. You will post it in your Discussion Group. Everyone makes an initial contribution (your ideas about ‘what is art’), then come back & respond to at least one other contribution by a colleague. (FOR A TOTAL OF 2 CONTRIBUTIONS: one must be your original contribution).

Think about these questions & make up your own (these are just to get you going; please don’t just answer in rote fashion & please do not re-post with your response):

  • What is art?
  • What is the function and nature of art? Everything within a culture has a function, doesn’t it?
  • What are the characteristics of art?
  • Is everything art?
  • Can art be harmful? Damaging?
  • Can art be ugly?
  • Can Koko the gorilla really make art?
  • What about children’s art? Is it more intuitive? More human? Do they need to learn to draw!!??
  • Does art have to be about beauty? (what is beauty anyway?)
  • Who should decide what is art?
  • Is everyone creative?
  • Are creativity & art the same thing?
  • What do I need or want from art (as a viewer)?
  • What about art & functionality? If it’s useful, is it art? Is graphic design art?
  • How much does art impact you & your life?
  • Is it valid to even ask any of these questions?
  • Who is an artist? Anyone who picks up a paintbrush?
  • What are the most important skills an artist can have?
  • Where do artists find inspiration?
  • At what point does one become an artist?
  • what about art like graffiti that destroys or ruins another person’s property? 
  • what’s the artist’s responsibility? Role?
  • what’s the viewer’s responsibility? Role?
  • what about art that is a biohazard?  Or art that is harmful to the artist (ie: self-mutilation, yes, it’s out there)?
  • does art or a creative practice have a place or role in your life? 

DUE: by Sunday, 13 September, no later than midnight.

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