1. What is euthanasia? 2. A enduring insertion his or her confess duration with the prevent of a physician is knconfess as? a. Suicide b. Negative suicide c. Physician-assisted suicide d. Strikeive euthanasia 3. Strikeive euthanasia is? a. A confident strike which causes release b. A misdemeanor in the indistinct sovereignty c. Strikeive euthanasia can be intentional, inintentional or non-intentional d. Integral of the options are amend 4. Ethical arguments athwart medically backed release includes? Choose ONLY undivided of the subjoined otions a. Sanctity of duration arguments b. Compromise of the essential interdependence of hope betwixt savants and endurings c. Slippery prosper arguments d. Integral of the options are amend 5. Which of the subjoined is an sample of negative euthanasia? Choose ONLY undivided of the subjoined options a. intermission the respirator interrogate b. giving to-boot ample morphine to a enduring who is begging for a feeble dose c. suffocating the enduring d. adjusting duration livelihood machines to interfere with heartbeat 6. At the family’s desire, the savant administered a remarkable dose of morphine that spread his enduring into a mysterious snooze he would referable cintegral up from. Which constitute of euthanasia is this? Choose ONLY undivided of the subjoined options a. ultimate sedation b. past euthanasia c. backed suicide d. pity release 7. Can euthanasia be inferior? a. Yes b. No 8. Which undivided of the subjoined states in the US to original ignoring a regulation integralowing ‘Release with Dignity’? a. Michigan b. Oregon c. New Mexico d. New York 9. Which of the subjoined is considered butcher in integral states? a. Intentional euthanasia b. Non-intentional euthanasia c. Inintentional euthanasia d. Strikeive euthanasia 10. When a idiosyncratic has a distemper that canreferable be cured and is prop in austere abstinence, do you opine savants should or should referable be integralowed by regulation to back the enduring to intrust suicide if the enduring desires it? a. They Should Be Integralowed b. They should Be referable Integralowed

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