What is the purpose of this wearable technology? Wearable technology purpose is to enhance human interaction among each other in different ways. The technology provides tools that are capable of enhancing daily human activities such as health care where wearable technology is used to monitor patients’ stats. The technology is also useful in sports activities as it is used to monitor fitness and sleep tracking. The other purpose of wearable technology is to enhance employees’ performance at work. lt is reported that when employees are allowed to use wearable technology at work, they report an 8.5% increases in their productivity (eLearners.com, n.d). Generally, wearable technology is simply developed for monitoring purposes. Who is the target user? The market for wearable technology is continuing to grow daily. The target users of wearable technology include people in the age bracket of 18 to 34 years and especially men who use smart watches and lower-income buyers; fitness trackers target users are mostly female with the age of the users ranging from 34-54 years (eLearners.com, n.d). The other target users of wearable technology are patients especially those with conditions that require close monitoring such as heart-related diseases. Sportsmen, infants, and soldiers also are a target as they require different monitoring systems, What problem or opportunity is likely driving the development of this technology? There are several opportunities that stand out to be the core drive for the development of wearable technology. These opportunities include the need for fitness tracking that is currently increasing in different sectors such as sports and health. There is also a predicted growth of wearable devices in the workplace. The future of standalone communication devices is highly linked to smart watches as well as health and medical devices which will increase the need of wearable technology (Hayward, Chansin, & Zervos, 2017). Do you predict that this new technology will be a big success? Why or why not? Wearable technology would definitely be a success. This is because human beings need to simplify some of their activities, be comfortable and increase their stylish options. They would have to depend on most of the wearable technology to achieve that. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~