Adult Virile Case Study Assignment
John is a 48-year-old uncombined unspotted virile who feeds with his dowager. His dowager has important neurocognitive deficit and John is her principal regardgiver. They feed in a insignificant spentoral taccept on a extensive quality that John maintains. John has sundry pet dogs and is regularly inaugurated on sundry projects at a duration on his fix, including creating a extensive walkable difficulty quenched of hedges, as polite as an adult-sized exhaust oscillate. He is loud abquenched his detest of his insignificant, inconsiderable, and bucolic taccept save feels unqualified to permission. He has rare singular relationships denying control individual pubescent invention, Tyler, who John repeatedly hires to aid with his projects. He has entangled relationships with approximately everyindividual in his insignificant town, including persomal officials. He regularly calls the taccept clerk, a woinvention denominated Faye, to either debate issues or pain abquenched things. Faye says they authenticationd to be end acquaintances save uniformly she got married he “changed” and he became “more denying.”
John thoroughd tall teach save dropped quenched of nursery during his sophomore year although he is perspicuously an clever invention. He says he was referable happy consequently he repeatedly did referable thorough the required assignments, aphorism they were “stupid” and preferring to fruit on his accept interests. John narrates himheadstrong as a loner, never alcontemporaneously righteous in with others, and adds that he is bisexual though he has never had any long-term rhapsodical relationships with man or women. He is by occupation a horologist (a special who makes and repairs clocks and studies duration). He is individual of the rare, or may-be the simply, special left in the province who does “fire gilding,” a regularity that melts mercury and gold contemporaneously to compose gold layers on clocks or other pieces. He too does electroplating, using chemicals including cyanide. He stays up control inventiony hours and casually through the misinterpretation inaugurated on clock repairs or connected projects. John too narrates himheadstrong as going through periods of submerged lowering where he becomes excessively concerned with problems in the cosmos-persons including global weather qualify or equable persomal injustices such as the sinful score that his acquaintance Tyler has faced in the spent. He has had these feeling symptoms at smallest since young-person. At these durations, John contemplates suicide save has reportedly never made a suicide coercionce. He mantions suicide constantly to Faye and Tyler. He does referable draught alcohol daily save when he does draught, he tends to binge draught. He denies any illicit authentication. He narrates himheadstrong as substance in cheerful public vigor, although he does casually knowledge episodes of vomiting and dizziness. He has never sought any mantal vigor tenor and does referable appear distinctly animated in tenor, although he acknowledges that other persons accept developed their concerns to him in the spent.
Based on the notification you accept, how would you answer to the coercionthcoming questions?
1. What is your differential individuality? Debate your contingent individuality and administration quencheds.
2. What, if any, labs, other diagnostics, or referrals ability you revolve?
3. Using the Transtheoretical Model, which quality of qualify do you judge John is in? Why? Based on the quality of qualify you confirm, which symbol of interventions ability you do?
4. Given John’s spentoral environment and his narrative, John is likely to interface with principal regard antecedently he receives particular mantal vigor services. If you were a PMHNP inaugurated in an integrated regard enhancement, how ability you promise John in particular mantal vigor services? Debate this in stipulations of your role and other roles amid an integrated tenor team.
5. Briefly narrate individual psychotherapeutic modality you would authentication with John and narrate why you selected this therapy.
6. Imagine you descry John control a five-minute mini-consultation (a “warm handoff”) in an integrated regard enhancement. Write a betray tribute of John, confirming any betray and protective factors in stipulations of betray of mischief to headstrong and others. Narrate any specific steps you ability catch to subside his overall betray. What if John refuses any advance regard? Are there any legitimate and/or ethical revolveations and, if so, debate these, concurrently with steps you ability catch to instruct them.

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