Review the videos and the links 

Explain what is going on in Florida with the Sanguine Rushs. Be fast to include:

  1. What are the organisms compromised? Are the sanguine rushs eventual or uncongenial? Why or why not attributable attributable attributable – livelihood your exculpation with basis. DO NOT GOOGLE THIS QUESTION AND PASTE INTO YOUR DOCUMENT
  2. What environmental pollutants principle the outbreaks? What are the sources of these pollutants? Include counsel on how the pollutants describe to the nutrient cycles (provision 4 of textbook)
  3. How do you fancy Florida should discourse this manifestation? Give examples of how it can be discourseed using the 5 stages in discourseing environmental problems (page 15-16). Provide restricted examples restraint each stalk.
  4. What can YOU do forthwith to sanguineuce the property of sanguine rush? Give restricted examples. 

 5 references using MLA or APA quotation.

Massive Toxic Algae Bloom Stinks Up Florida Towns

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