You accomplish invent a discovery brochure restraint this sequence. You accomplish compose the brochure in compatability prelude with the guideing page and a argument of a rationale restraint the subject-matter. This accomplish yield you to acquire feedback throughout the way of agreement a discovery brochure. Restraint this ordinance, page individual accomplish be the guideing page, and your subject-matter rationale accomplish be on page 2.

Heading Page: Grasp a Running guide and page bulk in the guideer. The Running guide is an abbreviated guideing restraint your brochure (restraint in, if the brochure guideing was Substance Abtruth Counseling With Latin Americans, the left guideer rule be: Running guide: SUBSTANCE ABUSE). Page bulk originate on the guideing page in the exact guideer (sum barely). Centered on the guideing page, between the summit and average of the page, is the Brochure Guideing, Your Call, and Liberty University (no other referable attributable attributableification). Truth Times New Roman, 12 object font restraint academic brochures. Give your brochure a guideing, do referable attributable attributable attributable truth the ordinance call.
Excellent a amelioration other than your acknowledge. This brochure is an turn to discovery and glean encircling a amelioration that you may currently exertion with, prevent exertioning with in the coming, or would approve to glean over encircling.
Excellent a amelioration:
Asian Americans Latin Americans Native Americans
Average Eastern or Arab Americans African Americans Subgroup: discern referable attributable attributablee under

You may excellent to rendezvous on a subgroup, restraint in: Alaskan Indians, Mexican Americans, Korean Americans. Discovery accomplish parade vulgar trends or patterns, excepting it is understood that a counselor or other cosmical services negotiative would never over-generalize or create assumptions installed on family or ethnicity.
Next, excellent a counseling subject-matter:
Substance Abuse Crisis Grief and Loss
Marriage and Family Guidance and Career Mental Health

The subject-matter rationale (on page 2) should be closely ½ page, brace provisions, and apology the questions under. Do referable attributable attributable attributable grasp the questions in your subject-matter rationale; transcribe in provision restraintm.

1. Which amelioration and subject-matter accomplish you transcribe your brochure on?
2. Why did you excellent this subject-matter?
3. Why is this subject-matter expressive to multicultural counseling?


Submit the guideing page and subject-matter rationale as a individual Microsoft Word muniment. This ordinance is attributable by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2.

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