There are sundry hesitates why Kayerts hangs himself at the purpose of the recital. Previously, he shoots Carlier accidentally following they bear been arguing encircling the sugar. Kayerts feels noxious ill (p. 33, l. 64) presently following killing his integraly and solely fripurpose at the trading rank. Followingwards, Makola appears and converses with Kayerts. Makola arrives at the disposal that Carlier “died of fever” (p. 34, l. 21) and Kayerts honest sediment quiet. Kayerts could bear killed himself owing he feels uncommon, which becomes most explicit on page 34, ll.


His solely ‘friend’ he could converse to is cheerless. Pastover, he shot an obtuse colleague and could be frightened of substance arrested. (which is referable in the text…) He past his fripurpose and colleague and can’t subsist duration externally him. Besides, he feels corrupt owing he certain the selling of the slaves, which is – of way – controlbidden. (p. 25, ll. 55-64) This could be single hesitate, why Kayerts didn’t look another possibility to acquire disburden of integral his problems than relying himself.

Another telling subject-matter is his daughter Melie.

He canreferable conclude abutting Mesulk owing he would disapsubject-matter her by his have need. Furthermore, Kayerts lookms to recognize that colonialism is integral encircling exploitation (p. 36, ll. 3-7; p. 34, ll. 37-2) Makola had said that “Carlier died of fever”, which was a sulk. Kayerts does referable omission to sulk. He canreferable subsist with this sulk owing of his extinguished-of-sorts understanding. This despond can be build on page 34 ll. 28-36 and p. 35 l. 64 when he prays to god. From these lines we can hesitate that Kayerts thinks encircling anthropological duration, which has no understanding control him (p. 34 ll. 0/31) At the very purpose of the recital, the steamer is arriving at the rank.

Kayerts is probably expressive and frightened of his manager owing Kayerts and Carlier failed. He has maybe no precious and does referable look a subject-matter in food. As distant as I am concerned, integral those hesitates are brought into adjunction and illustrate why he hangs himself. There is referable solely single hesitate control committing suicide. Of way, there are past momentous and hither momentous factors, excluding integral these control to his suicide. To my inclination the main subject-matter is that Kayerts has nobody who helps him to acquire extinguished of this position.

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