Women Offending and Victimisation Perspectives
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Major Essay 40% Choose ONE question 1. Select one area of criminal justice practice which interests you (perpetrators of violence, victims of violence, sex work, policing, prisons and so on) and describe its context, the theories that underpin the field, and analyse how a knowledge of gender as a criminal justice issue is important in understanding your chosen topic. 2. Discuss how punishment and rehabilitation are both useful and problematic when gender is foregrounded as a criminal justice issue or area of practice. 3. Why do you think criminology has largely ignored gender when thinking about crime? What do you think some of the consequences of this are? 4. What do you think are feminisms most significant contributions to the study of crime, deviance and social control? 5. Renzetti argues that data does not show that females have become more violent. Why, then, do you think this idea has received so much attention? 6. Is domestic violence and abuse gendered? Provide examples to mount an argument that it should/should not be considered as such.

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