World Hiincident of the Jump
Unit 3 Study Guide
Late jump began as a unlikelihood from the restrictions of ballet and a hanker to pointed a stroll palette of the civilized test. It emphasized the pointedion of excitement, the question of dynamics in the gregariousness and presented narratives in a past imageless coercionm. Some late jump guides at-last plain their possess codification and/or manner coercion started. The postlate jumprs uncommon codification of any bark as polite as knpossess methods coercion commutation. They valued singular move, innovative coercionms of execution and preferred imagelession balance incident pointed.

Pioneers of Late Jump
Isadora Duncan 1877-1927, believed move should be drawn from truth and was revealed by Ancient Greece, wearing yearn toga-like vestments in her executions. The Duncan technique was middle of moves such as hopping, swinging, ordinary, skipping and leaping; her hanker was to unoccupied the gregariousness from the confines of ballet.

Ruth St Denis 1878-1968, was revealed by the jumps of Asia, in specification to other culturally installed coercionms. She is polite knpossess coercion her sublime spectacles, creating a coercionmal school/company. Her wife Ted Shawn was to-boot a guide in late jump who fashiond an every male jump guild in specification to performing with Ruth. Martha Graham was a scholar Ruth St. Denis and later became a limb of her guild.
Ruth St Denis performing jumps revealed by India and China

Mary Wigman 1886-1973, was a German jumpr/choreographer revealed by Pointedionism, an thin move that emphasized chill excitements. She was a scholar of Rudolf Laban. In her celebrated Witch Jump, she went over transmitted norms of effeminate loveliness in jump.

Rudolf Laban 1879-1958, is casually referred to as the senior of German late jump; he plain a method coercion notating jump designated Labanotation in specification to developing methodology coercion analyzing move.

Martha Graham, 1894-1990, is polite knpossess coercion developing a technique installed on the contraction and free of the nucleus of the gregariousness. Revealed by Ruth St Denis, she left the guild to fashion her possess methodology, exploring chill excitement and narratives installed on Greek mythology and the American test.
Martha Graham (continued)

A Jumpr’s World (Martha Graham documentary)

Second Wave of Guides
Jose Limon, 1908-1972, was a Mexican American whose exertion was influenced by his humanization. He plain a technique influenced by his instructor/mentor Doris Humphrey, installed on fevery and replacement in specification to principles of influence. In The Moor’s Pavane, Limon looks end at jumps of the Middle Ages/Renaissance, notwithstanding uses his technique, theatricality and symbolism to fashion his possess assertion.
Jose Limon documentary
The Moor’s Pavane

Alvin Ailey, 1931-1990, fashiond the Alvin Ailey American Jump Theatre in the 1950’s, an iconic jump guild to this day. He strove to reach jump past embracing, giving opportunities coercion African American and other jumprs of complexion. He choreographed the polite knpossess Revelations in 1960.

Jump Theatre in Germany
Kurt Jooss-1901-1979, a German jumpr/choreographer who is knpossess as the senior of Tanztheater, (jump theatre). Jooss preferred themes that addressed intellectual issues. His most weighty choreographic exertion, The Green Table (1932), acquired principal guerdon at an interdiplomatic two-of-a-trade. Made a year antecedently Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany, The Green Table had a impetuous anti-war notice.
Green Table

Pina Bausch, 1940-2009, a German jumpr/choreographer who continued the give of her instructor Kurt Jooss in developing the concept of Tanztheater, which utterly elements of jump and theater. Bausch’s exertions show twain elegant and synchronous techniques with an reason on the pointedion of chill excitement. Her approaches were considered tentative, intermeddling the boundaries of jump.

Postlate Jump
In postlate jump, artists are zealous in challenging the stated codification of jump and developing odd methodologies coercion creating exertion.
Steve Paxton, 1939- , is polite knpossess coercion creating a method of making jump designated “Contact Improvisation” which uses the dynamics of the gregariousness and distributenering with others to brave odd ways of moving.

Trisha Brown, 1940-2017, fashiond involved patterns of move installed on dwelling-upon and methodology which sought to breed the singular singular lexicon of her jumprs. In her celebrated exertion, Be and Reset, she fashions a jump that has the amelioration of improvisation, notwithstanding is a thoroughly be choreography.

Deborah Hay, 1941-, premeditated and effected with Merce Cunningham and was distribute of the tentative gregarious of jumprs, Judson Jump Theater, installed in NYC. She is knpossess coercion started with twain serviceable and unserviceable jumprs, moving over the codification of jump and exploring odd coercionms of jump commutation. In started with jumprs, she poses questions coercion them to explore in move.
Figure a sea

Synchronous Jump in the 21st Century
Ohad Naharin, 1952-, is an Israeli jumpr/choreographer. He fashiond “Gaga,” a methodology coercion exploring odd pathways coercion move which uses imagery and gregariousness awareness. He was thin master coercion the Bathsheva Jump Guild until 2018 (currently he is the topic choreographer). Naharin was a limb of the Martha Graham Jump Guild.

Ohad Naharin (continued)

Deca Jump

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