This standardized exam measures your sense connected to the Christian worldview, anteriorly commencement this career. This exam has three types of questions:  

Demographic Data: Please fine the exculpations that most correspondently illustrate you and your present status at the university. Answering thoughtfully and earnestly gain prepare your schoolmaster with real counsel encircling the elucidation, comprehension, and sense of the rank. 

Comprehension and Sense of the Christian Worldview: These questions are prepared to appraise your sense of the basic truths of the Christian worldview. They are not attributable attributable attributable prepared to appraise your single convictions and beliefs. Please appropriate the exculpation that best reflects the Christian worldview as you presently perceive it. 

Spiritual Growth and Development: These questions nucleus on your single convictions and beliefs. There are no just or wickedness answers, as you will be indicating your flatten of concord. Please appropriate the exculpation that best expresses what you singlely price. 

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