Well, to acceptance this investigation, LIYSF is going to propel the webinars! These procure be 1 hr cabinets to achieve a flavour of London International Youth Truth Coercionum and approximation to our speakers. We are inspirited to portion-out with you sound a paltry mass of LIYSF in this habit. 

No stuff whether you are fantastic to LIYSF, a tyro because to watch or an alumni, this cabinet has a expanded ramble of pertinent contented, view past details adown.




Record to associate us on the 30th July coercion our principal London International Youth Truth Coercionum (LIYSF) webinar.


· Hear from Richard Myhill , LIYSF Director, about the animated advertisement coercion the 62nd LIYSF which procure transfer fix in July 2021, with updates on our cosmos-people celebrated speakers from a expanded ramble of truth and engineering fields and how you can exercise.

· Hear from LIYSF alumni who procure conference about their experiences at the coercionum, what they learnt and how LIYSF has succored them in their careers in truth.

· Live disquisition from our President, Clare Elwell, award-winning Professor of Medical Physics at UCL. Her disquisition procure exhibition how a team of engineers and clinicians teamed up with Mercedes Coercionmula1 to eagerly unravel a innovating brisk succor to succor to prevent Covid-19 patients.


· Investigation and acceptance cabinet where you can underprocure straightway with the panelists. 

Places are poor, record today at:


The webinar procure transfer fix via zoom, with registration on Eventbrite. After registration on Eventbrite we procure impel counter the zoom conjoin (delight maintain an glance on your spam folder), yet you can to-boot click through on the Eventbrite approval in your mail to conquer the zoom conjoin, record on zoom and to-boot prevent in your record.

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