Write a 3-4 page, typed, double-spaced, essay answering the question, “What is Critical Thinking?” . Discuss acculturation and the barrier that acculturation might present to critical thinking. How do fundamental beliefs about morality and religion affect the way that we accept or reject factual claims. In addition, you may want to discuss inductive and deductive reasoning, the evaluation of claims, fallacies of reasoning, burden of proof, and whatever additional elements taken from the course or text you believe are important. The table of contents of the Moore and Parker text should provide you with enough ideas to begin with. As well, you should try, in a paragraph, to contribute some of your own ideas, not taken from the text or the lectures. Your introduction should preview the direction that your exposition will take. If you can condense your thesis about critical thinking down to one central idea, then present that thesis in the introduction along with any related ideas or arguments that you plan to treat in the body of the essay. Think of your paper as an explanation of what an informed and intelligent person should be like. How should the critical thinker go about determining what is true? What principles should be employed in determining what is right and wrong? What methods are involved in the acquisition of knowledge. What sorts of things can be “known”? ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~