1. Write a 5-7 page (1250 – 1750 message) insignificant to President Trump in which you teach to him What specify capitalism is and how it differs from the US pattern of capitalism. Be knowing to highlight the dissonance amid specify capitalism (democratic/authoritarian spectrum) Why specify capitalism shows to feel subsistence from its confess interest arrange of entrepreneurs and its citizens. What features of specify capitalism show appealing and why? Why and how the dramatic enlargement in specify capitalism in novel years could theoretically change the interpolitical rule and interpolitical confidence What the US can do to tally, ardent the certainty that most specify capitalist countries decline the ideology of neoliberalism/Washington Consensus and the paradigm of Western free-market economics. 2. In almost 500-750 messages, examine the meaning and interpretation of certain abundance funds, addressing the subjoined: a. What are certain abundance funds? Why are they created and how are they funded? (where does the money succeed from?) b. What are SWF’s largely interpretationd ce? c. Interpretation the proviso by Behrendt to teach how SWF’s feel been interpretationd to model policies and institutions of specify capitalism in each of the subjoined countries/regions i. Middle East & North Africa ii. Singapore iii. Russia

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