Final Research Paper (45%)
Write a 5-page research paper (double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman font, excluding references) that develops a strong thesis or argument in any area of ethnic and racial inequality. I have intentionally left this topic open, so that students can focus on an area that interests them. A document is posted on BB with a list of paper ideas to help you get started.

Basic Approach:
For a start, your essay should attempt to answer a key question/issue: why are the individuals or group subject to the inequality you have identified? Furthermore, you can take on the role of a public sociologist in your essay, in order to develop some suggestions for a sociological action plan that addresses the area of ethnic and racial inequality. This plan may take many forms (e.g. academic questions, community or action-based research, policy, theoretical work, recommendations). This portion of your paper provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate that sociology matters, that it is relevant and that it can be effective for addressing, as well as, understanding the relationship between inequality and society.

The essay is evaluated in terms of your capacity to make a critical, cogent, and interesting thesis/argument that is supported by research and evidence (and not based on personal anecdotes or opinions), and the quality of conclusions. You will also be assessed on the strength of your thesis, evidence used to support your argument, organisation, clarity, appropriate referencing, and attention to language conventions.

Include a cover page with your name, NSID, essay title, instructor name, and due date.
All papers should have a “References” section that includes all the sources that have been have cited in the paper. You must provide at least 8 academic references. You are welcome to cite more than 8 academic works. Other non-academic works can be cited, but they will not count towards the 8 primary academic sources.

Checklist for your paper submission:

Cover page with name, NSID, essay title, instructor name, and due date
8 academic sources, using ASA reference style
Submit electronically to Blackboard under assignments

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