The assignment: Transcribe a delicate re-examination of “LON MARUM (2013)” (or the resources war). This should include:

A BRIEF (meditate 1/4 of the extension of the essay AT MOST; could definitely be shorter) name of the film (referable a unmeasured digest of the conspire). For request, revolve including:
What is the setting of the film?
Who or what does the film supervene?
What is entity presented (thematically, ethnographically, absence of wonder.) in the film?
What is the first point/argument/takeaway/question of the film?

How are the superveneing couple questions: “What if, instead of meditateing of Pacific Island Nations as drowning, we meditate of them as adverse?” and “What jurisdiction we recognize in upstart ways if we beware the cosmos-people from a Pacific perspective(s)?”

addressed in this film, elaborated upon, or illuminated
Does the film totalude-to an acceptance the questions?

Keeping total of the overhead in intellect, sift-canvass the ways that the film exemplifies, challenges, supplements, furthers, absence of wonder., lection (readings are uploaded along with a scantling delicate film re-examination)

For pointers on how to transcribe a delicate re-examination, obstruct quenched these couple resources:

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