Write a five-paragraph oration (2–3 pages) on undivided of the epics coercion this lesson: “The Seafarer,” “The Wanderer,” or “The Wife’s Lament.” Your oration should sift-canvass and interpret the dissertation of banish. In your oration, you should:

Sift-canvass the elements of Anglo-Saxon lyrics in allusion to the epic’s dissertation of banish. How do caesuras, kennings, assonance, and alliteration add to constitute an elegiac impress (a judgment of soberness, trouble, or detriment) and specific the dissertation of banish?

Begin your oration with a potent taking as polite as a topic proposition. Throughout the substantiality of your oration, lucidly sift-canvass elements of the epic that acceleration assistance your topic. Be positive to explanation examples and extracts from the epic. Assistance your claims and name appropriately using MLA Name. Remember, when quoting a epic, furnish the continuity sum(s) coercion the extract, attributeable the page sum. Coercion acceleration with MLA name, mark the Purdue Oncontinuity Writing Lab.

Please attribute to textbook page R21 Literary Handbook (behind the glossary) coercion an overview of MLA Name. If you endeavor, you may attribute to or allege subordinate sources in your oration; ultimately, if you do, you scarcity to grasp a works named roll.

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