Write a menu-driven multiform inventory program for a bookstore.

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Adapted from Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2012, 9/E, David I. Schneider.Inventory ControlWrite a menu-driven multiform inventory program for a bookstore with data saved in a text file. (text file contents below)Each record of the text file should consist of five fields (title, author, category, wholesale price, and number in stock.) (The two categories are fiction and non-fiction.)At any time, including at load time, the program should display the titles of the books in stock in a listbox (pulled from Books.txt) The user should have the option of displaying either all titles or just those in one of the two categories. The user should be able to add a new book, delete a book, or alter any of the fields of a book in stock. The adding and editing processes use the second form, frmDetails.At any time, the user should be able to calculate the total value of all books, or the total value of the books in either category. The menu item File contains the two second-level menu items Save and Exit.The menu items Display and Values each contain the three second-level menu items All, Fiction, and Nonfiction.(Note: Store the data about the books in an array of structures.)Helpful Hints:1. The contents of text file, Books.txt. is included below and should be stored in the project’s bindebug folder.2. You will need only two forms (frmInventory and frmDetails).3. All functionality is menu-driven on frmInventory.Note: Make sure a book is selected in the listbox before allowing the user to select Update from the Book menu.4. Use appropriate naming conventions for controls and provide good internal documentation.Books.txt ContentsLeft Behind,Lahaye,F,7,11.25A Tale of Two Cities,Dickens,F,100,8.24Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons,Rinaldi,F,30,16.79Saffy’s Angel,McKay,F,20,8.22Each Little Bird that Sings,Wiles,F,10,7.70Abiding in Christ,Murray,N,3,12.20Bible Prophecy,Lahaye and Hindson,N,5,14.95Captivating,Eldredge,N,12,16Growing Deep in the Christian Life,Swindoll,N,11,19.95Prayers that Heal the Heart,Virkler,N,4,12.00Grow in Grace,Ferguson,N,3,11.95The Good and Beautiful God,Smith,N,7,11.75Victory Over the Darkness,Anderson,N,12,16GUI will look as below.