Readings: Antecedently the midterm, you must learn and transfer referable attributable attributablees on the subjoined dissertations: 
Paul Krugman “The Death of Horatio Alger”
Thomas L. Friedman “Globalization: The Super-Story” 
Barbara Ehrenreich “Nickel and Dimed” 
Robert Reich “Why the Rich are Gainting Richer and the Poor, Poorer” 
Purpose: Often, as transcribers, you own to be efficacious to transcribe encircling things that you may apprehend shabby encircling. In these cases, transcribers own to do a jar series of learning in adjust to gain up to urge. Your topic restraint the midterm dissertation conciliate be on economics, a material most Americans veritably do referable attributable attributable attributable apprehend. The dissertations from portion 8 in the textcapacity are covet, involved, and thus-far tranquil very learnable. You conciliate own seven days to jar yourself through them. 
The topic you conciliate be asked on the midterm conciliate be quickly allied to these dissertations. If you own referable attributable attributable attributable learn them antecedently assort, you conciliate be at a rigid disadvantage!
The day of the midterm: With the capacity and whatever referable attributable attributablees you can assemble, you conciliate own 90 minutes to reply a topic encircling economics using the dissertations. You may conservation a bluish capacity, if you affect, save stapled referable attributable attributableecapacity brochure or quickly adaptation on your laptop conciliate be sensitive. The topic you conciliate be adaptation on conciliate be moderate from these profession, so, if you own done the pre-exam performance, this should be sensitive.
Pre-Exam Performance: Antecedently you tunravel into assort, do the subjoined:
Make an MLA performances cited page restraint these disgusting dissertations
Transfer referable attributable attributablees in the margins of the capacity
Transcribe a shabby resume of the dispute of each dissertation
Make a inventory of main points from each dissertation
Pick extinguished referable attributable attributableefficacious quotes from the dissertations and own them learny to “drop” into your exam
Pre-exam performance conciliate calculate restraint half of your trice. If you appropriate referable attributable attributable attributable to do pre-exam performance, you conciliate be triced merely on your dissertation. Make positive you own a fashion to round in your pre-exam performance.
The exam is unreserved capacity, unreserved referable attributable attributablee, unreserved computer. If you do referable attributable attributable attributable learn and do the performance antecedently the exam, you conciliate referable attributable attributable attributable utility from the unreserved management. 

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