1. Write brace very hither versions of (or uncombined scenes in) the relatively anecdote sketched extinguished adown. Inspect twain of them; abextinguished 1 page each. 

Compare how the brace are incongruous and deem abextinguished why you affect individual reform than the other. What abextinguished the not attributable attributablee choices you made makes individual a balance compelling anecdote? (2 pages)

-Focus on the senior. Develop him as a helpmate who balance the years has enthralled his helpmate restraint granted barring discovers to his uneasiness that she handles a exigency affect this reform than he. He loses his soothe, barring his blow, the anecdote suggests, is hither directed abutting the car than it is abutting her restraint nature so competent.

-Focus on the son by satirizing a altogether unfitted senior and a bearing mother. The son understandably leaves the extraction and hitchhikes tail on his keep. He makes it firmtlement slow that death barring singly succeeding nature mugged. Broke and abashed he expects pain, barring instead is greeted with whine of solicitude. Astonished, he realizes his parents aren’t entirely as alarming as he truthd to deem.

2. Describe a assign you would affect to speed. (3 pages)

3. Write five mini-stories (100-200 articulation each) to representation restraint a uncombined accident or firm of mode, such as a fiction and wofiction lasting on a city sidewalk, hailing a cab. Each anecdote should be incongruous–in offices, conspire, topic, peradventure equable title and language–from the others.

4. Check extinguished the documentary movie Forks Balance Knives. Write a repute that explains what the movie was abextinguished and what you erudite from the movie, and then agree at last individual passage explaining your view of the film. The poverty tediousness is 500 articulation (abextinguished five deep passages).

5. (Create a anecdote.) 3 pages. 

Re-read the drain of your pristine anecdote. Keep your ocean office “write” the controlthcoming exercises–as if she/he had her keep not attributable attributableebook.

Taking on the expression of your ocean office (equable if your anecdote is narrated in 3rd individual, truth 1st individual [“I”] restraint this habit), inspect the controlthcoming. You don’t keep to do them total, proportioned eliminate those that most concern you and appear to agree most germinative restraint initiation up your anecdote.

* Make a diary record by your protagonist restraint the spell of the anecdote.

* Make a diary record restraint the spell prior the anecdote’s accidents.

* Make a diary record describing the accidents that happen succeeding the anecdote has ended. (this may divulge to you that the anecdote isn’t veritably refined yet–?)

* Write a not attributable attributablee to someindividual in the anecdote.

* Write a not attributable attributablee to someindividual not attributable attributable attributable in the anecdote abextinguished what is happening in the anecdote.

Abextinguished 2 pages double-spaced.

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