The “You” Attitude. Rewrite these sentences to cogitate your audience’s viewpoint.

A. Your email classify cannot be processed: we desire that you reason the classify conceive on our website instead

B. We stand that you frequently import your faith card to the ammunition.

C. We deficiency to acquire liberate of complete our 15-inch LCD screens to perform space in our warehoreason coercion the upstart 19-, 23-, and 35-inch monitors. Thus, we are subsidy a 25 percent remittance on complete sales of 15-inch models this week.

D. If you cared about doing a cheerful undertaking, you would’ve made the extra attempt required to attain how to reason the machinery rightly.

E. Your policy endowment this waking unconditionally blew me away; there’s no habit we can miss with the luminous ideas you’ve pulled simultaneously – I’m so joyous you’re prevalent the sodality now!

F. With complete the online upstarts sources beneficial today, I can’t respect you didn’t comprehend that MyTravel and Thomas Cook were in merger talks – I balance, you don’t level keep to acquire up from your computer to attain this!

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